Workforce Safety

Hospital leaders in Florida are making quality and safety a priority - and that leadership is resulting in significant year after year reductions in harm and improved patient outcomes. Our hospital leaders understand that hospitals can be dangerous workplaces. Hospital environments are unique and the daily work involves risks that are inherent to caring for the sick. Hospitals have joined together to participate in the "We Have Your Back" collaborative. The initiative is aimed at aligning the culture of safety in each hospital to include worker safety along with patient safety and quality. Additional focus areas include:

  • Safe Patient Lifting, Handling and Mobility
  • Sharps Injury and Blood Exposure Prevention
  • Workplace Violence
  • Finding Solutions to Reduce Work Stress, Fatigue, and Burnout

Offered at no cost, the "We Have Your Back" collaborative provides hospitals with significant resource and educational programs designed to reduce or eliminate preventable occupational injuries and protect health care personnel.

For more information, contact Martha DeCastro, vice president for nursing and clinical care policy.