"Behind the Mask" Campaign

Behind the Mask The Florida Hospital Association (FHA) has launched a new social media campaign called "Behind the Mask" to highlight the individual stories of Florida's health care workers.

Our health care workforce is a united team of many unique individuals, each with a special background and experiences. Hospitals are filled with health care professionals who are fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, pet owners, travelers, artists and enthusiasts of all kinds. Some just joined the team. Others have worked in health care for decades. But they all share a common passion for restoring health and helping others lead healthy lives. We want to showcase what motivates these individuals who selflessly put on a mask to serve their communities every day.

We encourage all hospitals and health care providers to post pictures of physicians, nurses, respiratory therapists, environmental services staff and countless others who serve their patients and communities with courage and compassion. Participation is easy:

  1. Take a selfie or close-up photo of a health care worker wearing a medical mask.
  2. Write one sentence about what inspires them, their health care role, passions or how long they have worked in health care.
  3. Post on social media using #BehindTheMask.
  4. Encourage your colleagues to participate, too.

Look for the campaign on FHA's Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages, and contact the FHA Communications team for more information.