April 12, 2013

Early Elective Delivery Rates Down in Florida

Last week, the March of Dimes released results of its initiative to reduce early elective deliveries (EED) within Florida, California, Texas, New York and Illinois. A study published in the online edition of Obstetrics & Gynecology touted an 83 percent decline in EED from the Big 5 March of Dimes quality improvement initiative. Results from the March of Dimes Florida Perinatal Quality Collaborative are available online.

As part of the work with the Partnership for Patients, the FHA Hospital Engagement Network (HEN) has focused on reducing patient harm in nine areas, including reducing harm to mothers and babies through the elimination of EEDs. Currently, in the FHA HEN, 38 of 41 hospitals have put a hard stop policy in place to reduce early elective deliveries. For FHA HEN hospitals reporting EED data, in the baseline year of 2011, the EED rate was 20.5 percent. In the last quarter of 2012, the FHA HEN EED rate was reduced to approximately 2-3 percent. This significant reduction in Florida exceeds the success seen nationally in the EED rates.

For more information on this and other FHA HEN initiatives, contact Kim Streit or Sally Forsberg.