January 31, 2013

HMO Enrollment Up Slightly

The number of Floridians covered under Health Maintenance Organizations (HMO) totaled 3.57 million as of Sept. 30, 2012, up 1.3 percent from the prior year, according to the latest FHA Eye on the Market: HMO Market Share. While commercial HMO enrollment fell 8 percent, Medicare Advantage plans saw 11-percent growth in members, and Medicaid HMO enrollment grew by more than 7 percent.

Almost one in five Floridians belong to HMOs. Tallahassee continues to have the highest percentage of residents covered under HMOs, followed by Miami-Dade with 29 percent and Broward county with 27 percent. Humana continues to be the largest HMO in the state with 526,600 members, followed by Wellcare with 500,000 members, United Healthcare with 421,500 and Aetna with 309,000. These four HMOs account for half of the HMO membership in the state.
The FHA Eye on the Market: HMO Market Share provides enrollment and market share data by plan for all of the Florida metropolitan areas and for each county. To obtain a copy of the report, download the HMO Market Share Order Form.