November 6, 2014

Post-Election Update

As a result of Tuesday's statewide elections, Governor Rick Scott and all Cabinet members - Attorney General Pam Bondi, Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater and Agricultural Commissioner Adam Putnam - were re-elected for a second term. The Florida House of Representatives picked up six Republican seats giving Speaker Crisafulli a veto-proof majority. All sitting Florida Senators up for re-election retained their seats. A special election will be held in the coming weeks for Sen. John Thrasher's (R-SD 6) seat once he is sworn in as president of Florida State University.

Below are the election results from several hotly contested state legislative races.

Florida Senate

SD 34 Maria Sachs vs. Ellyn Bogdanhoff - Senator Sachs was re-elected with 52 percent of the vote.

Florida House of Representatives

HD 29 Mike Clelland (D) vs. Scott Plakon (R) - Former State Rep. Scott Plakon defeated incumbent Rep. Mike Clelland.
HD 30 Karen Castor-Dentel (D) vs. Bob Cortes (R) - Bob Cortes unseated incumbent Democrat Rep. Karen Castor-Dentel.
HD 47 Linda Stewart (D) vs. Mike Miller (R) - Mike Miller unseated incumbent Democrat Rep. Linda Stewart.
HD 49 Joe Saunders (D) vs. Rene "Coach P" Placencia (R) - Rene Placencia unseated incumbent Rep. Joe Saunders.

HD 63 Mark Danish (D) vs. Shawn Harrison (R) - Former State Rep. Shawn Harrison defeated incumbent Rep. Mark Danish.
HD 65 Carl Zimmerman (D) vs. Chris Sprowls (R) - Chris Sprowls defeated incumbent Rep. Carl Zimmerman.
HD 67 Dwight Dudley (D) vs. Bill Young, Jr. (R) - Rep. Dwight Dudley retained his seat with 52.96 percent of the vote.
HD 112 Jose Javier Rodriguez (D) vs. Daniel Diaz Leyva (R) - Rep. Jose Javier Rodriguez was re-elected.

There were three constitutional amendments on the ballot this election cycle. For a constitutional amendment to pass it must receive a majority vote of 60 percent or greater. Amendment 1 on water and land conservation passed with 74 percent of the vote. The heavily debated Amendment 2, Medical Marijuana, fell short as did Amendment 3 regarding prospective appointment of judicial vacancies.
On the federal level, U.S. Rep. Joe Garcia (D- 26) of Miami lost his seat to Republican Carlos Curbelo. Democrat Gwen Graham picked up Republican Steve Southerland's seat in Congressional District 2. Republicans control 17 of Florida's 27 congressional seats.

Although the start of the 2015 Legislative Session is several months away, here are key dates to keep in mind. The Florida Legislature will convene for Organizational Session on Nov. 18 and all newly elected members will be officially sworn in. The 2015 Legislative Session convenes March 3, 2015.

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