April 10, 2014

Workers' Compensation Fees

Senate Bill 1580 by Senator Alan Hays (R-Umatilla) passed in the Health Policy Committee by a unanimous vote. The bill would have limited workers' compensation reimbursement rates for hospitals inpatient and outpatient stays to 140 percent of the Medicare rate. However, an amendment, previously offered by Senator Hays, removed this provision and replaced it with the creation of a task force to study workers' compensation system cost drivers. Several amendments were adopted related to the membership of the task force as well as a directive to the Office of Insurance Regulation to prepare a report analyzing savings to Florida employers related to negotiated premiums. The bill will now be referred to the Appropriations Committee for consideration. In the House, House Bill 1351 Representative Charlie Stone (R-Ocala) was not heard this week. The House bill would limit workers' compensation reimbursement similarly to the original Senate language. It has now been referred to Government Operations Appropriations subcommittee for consideration.