Behind the Mask

Alenna | RN, BSN
Brooks Rehabilitation
Alenna loves spoiling her niece and nephews and spontaneous trips with her husband. She is inspired by seeing her patients try their best even when their whole lives have changed. "I've known all my life I wanted to work in the medical field. l love helping people get better and teaching them how to take care of themselves."

Albert | LPN, RN Graduate Aug. '20
Weems Memorial Hospital

Albert says, "I treat everyone like they were my grandmother."

Ashton | LPN II
Chipola Quick Care

Ashton has been a LPN for 3 years. She is inspired by learning new skills and growing in her nursing career.

Arryn | Occupational Therapy
Brooks Rehabilitation
Arryn loves traveling, coffee and trips to Disney. I love working with patients with cardiac diagnoses and visual impairments. My profession allows me to grow in so many ways.

Amy | RN
Baptist Health Jacksonville

Amy has been a registered nurse for 23 years. She loves traveling and Jaguars football. She's inspired by the bedside nurses at her hospital. They are devoted, passionate and courageous, especially during these unprecedented times.

Amy's son Nicholas | CCU Nurse
Baptist Health Jacksonville
Nicholas is on the frontline on the pandemic yet continues to challenge himself taking the highest acuity patients. Today he takes on the charge nurse role for the 1st time. Amy wishes she had 1/2 the courage, knowledge and skill as you in my first year of nursing. "I'm so proud of you, and can't wait to see you grow in your nursing career."

Cherylanne | RN
Baptist Health Jacksonville
Cherylanne has been an RN for 33 years. She loves traveling and scuba diving and is inspired by her family and friends.

Jeff | ER Nurse
Calhoun Liberty Hospital
Jeff loves his sons and fishing. He is inspired by being the most competent ER nurse possible. If Jeff doesn't know something, he will learn it.

Brian | X-Ray Technologist
Weems Memorial Hospital

Being raised in South Florida, he enjoys the water, either salt or fresh, and loves fishing and diving. His favorite past time is spending time with his sons. Brian has a serving heart and loves taking care of patients and co- workers.

Brittany | Med-surg Nurse
Calhoun Liberty Hospital

 Brittany says, "I love how health care workers always stand together, even during stressful situations. We always strive to provide the best care for our patients no matter what is going on in the world."

Christy | RN
Chipola Quick Care
Christy loves how health care workers always stand together, even during stressful situations. Christy remarked, "We always strive to provide the best care for our patients no matter what is going on in the world."

Hayley | ER RN
Calhoun Liberty Hospital
I've been an RN in the Emergency Room for about five years, and I love it! In my free time, I enjoy singing and making music, watching suspenseful movies and spending time with my friends and family. My daughter,Georgia is the one who inspires me the most to work hard and to continue my education in nursing. Every day after work, she's so excited to hear stories about my day in the ER, and she always tells me, "I want to be a nurse just like you, Mama."
What also inspires me as a nurse is when I get to be a part of the medical team that saves a patient's life, and then later get to see that person out in the community doing better and thriving. Getting to actually SEE the difference that I made reminds me of why I do what I do.

Holly | APRN
Chipola Surgical & Medical Specialties General Surgery

Holly has been a nurse for 18 years. She has worked in health care since she was 19. As a nurse practitioner, she enjoys being a tool on the path to make life better.

Jaimie | Nurse
Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare

Jaimie has always strived to make her patients feel comfortable, loved, cared for and respected. This marks her 10th year as a nurse at TMH. She believes we are all in this together. 

Jimmy | Emergency Dept. LPN
Jackson Hospital

Jimmy has been a nurse for 23 years. When asked what inspires him in his health care role, he commented, "Making a difference in my community by providing emergency health care to my friends, family and neighbors."

Kate | APRN
Chipola Quick Care

Kate is inspired by the opportunity to provide care and hopefully some comfort to my community especially during these uncertain times.

Kitty | Labor & Delivery Nurse
Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare

Kitty has been an RN since 1999 and a Labor & Delivery nurse since 2001 at TMH. She is a mom and wife and inspired by the strength of women. Then the best gift rewards them at the end!

Lance | RN
Chipola Surgical & Medical Specialties Family Medicine
He is motivated by family, church, community and coffee.

Mallory & Haley | Med Surg Nurses
Jackson Hospital

Mallory and Haley are inspired by working as a team with their coworkers who will drop anything to help others.

Mary | RN
 Jackson Hospital

 Mary remarked, "Quality patient care everyday has been my goal since 1988."

Vicky | OT
Brooks Rehabilitation

Vicky has been an OT at Brooks Rehabilitation for the last 9 years. She loves the outdoors, walking her dog Peach and spending time with family and friends. She's inspired by her co-workers. They have amazing hearts, and their passion to help their patients is outstanding.

Shannon | X-ray Tech
Chipola Surgical & Medical Specialties Orthopedics

Shannon has been an X-ray Tech for 13 years. Shannon chose health care as a profession so she could share compassion in a stressful situation.

Sheila | RN Charge Nurse
Jackson Hospital

Shelia is inspired by the ability to learn something new every day in nursing and how amazing it is to think how far health care has come during the time she has been a nurse.

Yosleni | Lab Technologist
Weems Memorial Hospital

Yosleni loves her job and really likes helping people. When asked why she chose the health care field, she replied with scripture from Acts 13:47.

Rachael | Neonatal Nurse Practitioner
Lakeland Regional Health

Rachael has been a nurse for 23 years and an NNP for the past 10 years. She's been a nurse at Lakeland Regional since 2005. Her passion is taking great care of tiny babies and term newborns, ensuring they have the best possible outcomes.
Robert | Nurse
Baptist Health Jacksonville

Robert  has been a nurse for 38 years. He is inspired by his team and the work they do.