Patient Safety Culture 

FHA Hospital Survey on Patient Safety Culture Measurement Tool


An organizational culture is critical to achieving and sustaining patient safety initiatives. A safety culture is where staff feel safe to report errors and near misses and identify unsafe conditions, processes or behaviors that put patients at risk. In partnership with Beterra Health, a patient safety and healthcare performance improvement company, FHA will offer safety culture surveying and analysis at no cost to participating hospitals. The FHA Safety Culture Measurement tool aims to assist hospitals MEASURE, UNDERSTAND AND IMPROVE patient safety culture in their facility:

  • Measure: The Safety Culture Measurement tool is a cloud-based survey portal and tool that can be used to measure patient safety culture based on the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) Hospital Survey on Patient Safety Survey (HSOPS). This tool will provide an easy way to manage and increase survey response.
  • Understand: The cloud-based analytics portal allows hospitals to instantly explore and share results across the organization. Participating hospitals report saving 4-8 weeks of work in analyzing and distributing data.
  • Benchmark: All HIIN hospitals can submit their latest AHRQ HSOPS data to be included in the Florida benchmark, and will receive access to the analytics portal for their own analysis.
  • Improve: The data is only useful if acted on. Safety culture experts come onsite to share their insight and experience to help hospital leadership map a course of action. In total, Beterra clients improve 3 times faster than the national average.
  • Suggested Audience:
    All levels of staff would participate in taking the survey. Senior leaders and clinical leaders will want to participate in the webinars and other activities to interpret and improve their safety culture.

    How to Participate:

    1. Use the survey tool and portal by signing up for one of the two cohorts (see timeline below)
    2. Submit your patient safety culture survey data (details on the data format will be provided)
    3. Participate in regular webinars discussing strategies to improve patient safety culture

    Data Elements:

    TIMELINE Cohort 1 Cohort 2
    Informational Webinar Jan. 27, 2017 (Recording | Slides) May 15, 2017 (Recording | Slides)
    Cohort Sign-Up Form Due Feb. 16, 2017 Jun. 9, 2017
    Leadership Webinar Feb. 22, 2017 (Recording | Slides) To be announced
    Project Kick-off Webinar Feb. 28, 2017 (Recording | Slides) Jun. 22, 2017 (Recording | Slides)
    Survey Period Mar. 13* through May 31
    *Note this is Patient Safety Week
    Jul. 15 through Sept. 15
    Strategy Webinars
    Check the weekly FHA Mission to Care HIIN Info Upcoming Events email for details / registration
    Analytics Portal Available to participating hospitals after survey is closed

    Subject Matter Experts: Daniel Baily, Co-founder and CEO, Beterra Health, Inc.,; Kapil Nair, Co-founder and President, Beterra Health, Inc.,; and Lyla Parry,, (855) 923-8377

    FHA HIIN Faculty: Kim Streit, FACHE, MBA, MHS, VP of Healthcare Research & Information,, and Luanne MacNeill, Quality Initiatives Coordinator,, (407) 841-6230

    Contact the FHA HIIN Team at (407) 841-6230 to learn more about Safety Culture Measurement

TeamSTEPPS® Master Trainer Course


The TeamSTEPPS® Master Trainer Course will be offered at no charge to FHA HIIN hospitals in 2017 and 2018. This two-day course will provide all tools, techniques, resources and training to bring TeamSTEPPS® to the hospitals to improve patient safety culture by increasing teamwork and communication.

TeamSTEPPS® is a teamwork system designed for health care professionals that is:

  • A powerful solution to improving patient safety within your organization
  • An evidence-based teamwork system to improve communication and teamwork skills among health care professionals
  • A source for ready-to-use materials and a training curriculum to successfully integrate teamwork principles into all areas of your health care system
  • Scientifically rooted in more than 20 years of research and lessons from the application of teamwork principles
  • Developed by Department of Defense's Patient Safety Program in collaboration with the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality

TeamSTEPPS® provides higher quality, safer patient care by:

  • Producing highly effective medical teams that optimize the use of information, people, and resources to achieve the best clinical outcomes for patients
  • Increasing team awareness and clarifying team roles and responsibilities
  • Resolving conflicts and improving information sharing
  • Eliminating barriers to quality and safety

Suggested Audience:
All clinical professionals who are interested in developing and implementing the TeamSTEPPS® tools at their hospital should attend. Appropriate to all clinical areas especially areas handling critical patient situations, such as surgical services, intensive care units, emergency departments and obstetrics.

How to Participate?
Check the weekly FHA Mission to Care HIIN Info Upcoming Events email for dates, locations and registration information. Prior to in-person trainings, there will be Onboarding Webinars to outline the topics to be covered and how hospital teams should prepare for the training.

  • Meeting materials?
  • Upcoming meeting & registration info?

TeamSTEPPS® Master Trainer Course Faculty

Subject Matter Experts:
Faculty will be a physician and a nurse TeamSTEPPS® Master Trainer from Duke University Health System

Sally Forsberg, RNC-OB, BSN, MBA, NEA-BC, CPHQ, Clinical Performance Improvement Advisor,


Contact the FHA HIIN Team at (407) 841-6230 to learn more about TeamSTEPPS® Master Trainer Courses

Transforming Care at the Bedside (TCAB)


Transforming Care at the Bedside (TCAB) is an initiative designed to involve nursing leaders and bedside staff to improve quality and patient safety. The national TCAB initiative was originally launched in 2003 as a pilot program through collaborative efforts of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI). Since its inception, TCAB has served as a learning laboratory for transformational change at the unit level.

Benefits include:

  • Engage bedside staff in improving quality and patient safety
  • Increase the team vitality and retention of nurses and other bedside staff
  • Improve the patients' and their families' experience of care
  • Improve the effectiveness of the entire care team while increasing nursing time at the bedside
  • Participate in free education for all staff via webinars, coaching calls, and meetings
  • Learn about the current evidence and ideas on how to implement it
  • Hear what other hospitals are doing to reduce patient harm and improve quality and patient safety
  • Network with colleagues doing similar work

Suggested Audience:
Nursing leaders, nursing bedside staff and bedside clinical staff.

How to Participate:
The TCAB initiative kicks off with a Cohort 1 Introductory Webinar on Feb. 1, 2017, followed by the TCAB Nursing Unit Team Launch in-person meeting on March 1, 2017. FHA HIIN will also offer a Cohort 2 Introductory Webinar on Aug. 2, 2017 [Register], followed by a Launch Meeting on Sept. 26, 2017 [Register]. In addition, monthly webinars and one-on-one team coaching calls will be offered to participating unit teams. Check the weekly FHA MTC HIIN Info Upcoming Events email for webinar and in-person event details and registration.

Data Elements:
TCAB hospital teams will complete a Core Team Member Roster and Measure Selection Form. Teams will also participate in a pre- and post- vitality survey (10 questions). Data measures will be determined by the HIIN topic area(s) each unit team selects. Cross-cutting topics (i.e., patient and family engagement, physician engagement and patient safety culture) will also be interwoven into this program as they support improvement in reducing patient harm.

List of participating hospitals?

Results from Cohorts?

TCAB Faculty

Subject Matter Expert:
Betsy Lee MSPH, BSN, RN, President, BL Enterprises, LLC, is a recognized expert in patient safety, quality improvement and health care team vitality. She is active in fostering the advancement of transformational change and inter-professional collaborative practice to promote quality, patient safety and teamwork. Betsy participated in the original TCAB work with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and IHI.

Sally Forsberg, RNC-OB, BSN, MBA, NEA-BC, CPHQ, Clinical Performance Improvement Advisor,


Contact the FHA HIIN Team at (407) 841-6230 to learn more about participating in TCAB