The WAKE UP component promotes opioid and sedation management with the goal of reducing unnecessary sleepiness and sedation, which allows for early mobilization, reduction of delirium, decreased risk of respiratory compromise and shortened length of stay. The interrelated strategy of SCRIPT UP promotes optimizing inpatient medications. Monitoring reversal agents and maintaining a continued emphasis on minimal sedation can assist in the prevention of several harm events: adverse drug events (ADE), airway safety, delirium, failure to rescue, falls, ventilator-associated events (VAE) and venous thromboembolism (VTE).

FHA will focus on WAKE UP April - June 2018.

The acronym is a reminder of the practices an organization needs to have in place to effectively initiate appropriate sedation management:

W - WARN yourself: this is high risk.
K - KNOW: your drugs, your patient.
E - ENGAGE: patients and families to set realistic pain expectations, use of non-sedating analgesics, risks of opioids.
U - UTILIZE: dose limits, layering limits, soft and hard stops.
P - PROTECT: the Patient…our ultimate job.

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