May 23, 2013

Budgeting and Management for Non-Financial Managers

Budgeting and financial management are not a part of every manager's comfort zone, but an essential part of managing. FHA is offering this subject in a full-day program on June 21 in Orlando. Participants will be introduced to the Financial Management Paradigm: performance planning (budgeting), performance measurement, and performance management (tools to assist in complying with the budget).

As a result of attending this one-day seminar, attendees will be more confident in their approach to financial management and will be better able to:

    • Explain how budgets are developed and be able to describe the role of budgeting as a key component of the administrative process

    • Read and understand departmental financial performance reports and the sources of information contained in them

    • Calculate Volume Adjusted Variance Analysis to quickly and accurately determine the underlying causes of budget deviations

    • Use Bilateral Performance Mapping to objectively identify performance improvement targets

    • Analyze work processes using Process Flow Analysis to identify opportunities to enhance productivity and improve customer satisfaction

    • Identify strategies do reduce or control operating expenses

Register today or contact the FHA Education Department for more information.