July 31, 2014

Join A Healthy Florida Works

Despite the fact that 3 out of 4 have jobs, many low-income Floridians do not have access to affordable health insurance. They are our family members, friends and neighbors. They are veterans, moms and dads and young people just entering the workforce. They are the patients we see every day in our hospitals.

The good news is there is a way to get them covered and ensure they have access to quality health care. Florida lawmakers have the opportunity to use over $50 billion in available federal funds to extend health care coverage to over one million people, or we can leave the money, which totals $15 million a day, sitting on the table while our fellow citizens go without access to affordable health insurance and our hospitals continue to absorb the costs of uncompensated care.

The Florida Hospital Association (FHA) along with our member hospitals have joined A Healthy Florida Works (AHFW), a coalition of business owners, chambers of commerce, community leaders, organizations and individuals who support the extension of health care coverage in Florida. FHA stands with AHFW because we believe health care coverage for a million Floridians is the right thing to do for our patients, our communities and our state. As a health care leader, your voice is critical. We need our lawmakers to understand how the issue of health care coverage impacts the people living in the communities they represent. Join today! You can sign up via AHFWs website - it's easy and only takes a few seconds.

For more information, contact  Sarah McBrearty, vice president of communications, at (850) 222-9800.