July 13, 2018

Safe Infant Sleep Survey

Reducing infant mortality is a priority. Sudden Unexpected Infant Death (SUID) is the unforeseen death of an infant in which the cause of death is not immediately known prior to investigation. Sleep-related SUID, which includes Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and unintentional suffocation/strangulation, is a leading cause of infant death in Florida. Safe infant sleep practices can significantly reduce the risk of sleep-related SUID.

In an effort to inform state strategies for safe sleep promotion, the Florida Department of Health is conducting a brief voluntary survey to gather feedback about the messaging and education parents and other infant caregivers may receive concerning sleep-related SUID prevention and infant safe sleep practices. The survey was designed to be administered to health care professionals who provide services to pregnant women and caregivers of infants up to one year of age. If you do not provide health care services but still educate this population, please respond to the survey questions that are relevant to your duties.

Please help us move the needle on sleep-related infant death. We value your time and encourage your participation. The survey should take approximately five minutes to complete. Individual survey responses will be aggregated during the analysis. Your identity and survey responses will remain confidential.

Please access the online Florida Health Care Provider Safe Infant Sleep Survey, and submit responses by Aug. 1, 2018. For questions about this survey, please contact Dr. Ghasi Phillips-Bell.