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Holding Payers Accountable


FHA supports fair and equitable payment models that reimburse for the cost of the high–quality care hospitals provide. FHA also opposes harmful, unilateral policy changes that can be implemented without guidance or warning and detract from swift access to health care services.

White Bagging

White bagging is a policy in which insurance companies require drugs to be purchased through a specialty pharmacy of the insurer’s choice and then ship those drugs to the hospital or infusion center where the patient will receive treatment.

Prohibiting white bagging policies by insurance companies will reduce instances of delayed care, minimize drug waste, and ensure drugs are safely and effectively administered to the patient.

Prior Authorization

Health plan prior authorization practices can unnecessarily delay patients’ access to needed care and create administrative burdens on providers when they vary significantly by plan. FHA supports legislation to minimize clinically unnecessary prior authorization requirements, set forth strict timeframes for plans to issue authorizations and to increase transparency of health plan processes, set.

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