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FHA Issues letter to Office of Insurance Regulation

9/27/2022 1:18:26 PM

FHA submitted a letter to David Altmaier, Commissioner of the Office of Insurance Regulation urging him to exercise the office’s authority with Florida’s insurance providers to require the waiver of certain coverage policies during the remainder of the Hurricane Ian disaster. Specifically, FHA is asking that OIR requires health insurance plans licensed by their office to implement the following practices during the relevant disaster period:

  • Insurance providers should waive all prior authorization requirements for covered services.
  • Insurance providers should furnish any services necessary to maintain a beneficiary’s safety and health regardless of policy limits.
  • We appreciate the reminder of the provisions of 252.358, re: early prescription refills.
  • Insurance providers should waive penalties and restrictions, and not deny payment, for out-of-network care obtained during the disaster period.
  • Insurance providers should work with affected consumers to provide flexibility around the timing of premium payments to help affected consumers maintain coverage.
  • Plans should authorize payment for needed medical equipment and supplies regardless of when supplies were most recently provided.

FHA will keep you informed on any updates to this request. Read the letter here.

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